Client Testimonials

“I've used many realtors over the years. Jodi is far and away the best. She's extremely knowledgeable, efficient, and helpful in every aspect of the process and she has earned my trust and respect. She has helped me with three transactions over the years and we're about to enlist her service for the fourth time. Jodi even listed my home for me on the spur of the moment and negotiated the sale all while on vacation out of the country. I would recommend her to anyone!!”

Carolyn Schovan – Thornton, Colorado


“Jodi and her assistant, Alicia, were a fantastic team! From the time we listed our home with Jodi, until the time we were at the closing table, 10 weeks elapsed! Jodi and Alicia were knowledgeable and worked incredibly hard because they know what it takes to list, negotiate and sell a home. Both of them were extremely responsive to our questions and also helped us to identify contractors to complete repairs. We would highly recommend Jodi Wilson and her team!”

Thomas and Barbara Barclay – Westminster, Colorado



“THE BEST!! Not just a great agent, also a wonderful person. Response time was amazing! She made us feel like we were her only clients, which is not easy to do, especially in today's crazy market. The electronic forms system was super convenient. As a first time seller, I had a myriad of questions. She had all the answers without blinking an eye. I will be calling her EVERY time I buy or sell in her area. LOVE THIS LADY!!!!! Thank you, Jodi! :)”

Michael and Ashleigh Leamon – Thornton, Colorado



“I have used Jodi Wilson before. She found a house that was perfect for us! 2 1/2 yrs later I had to move and Jodi did an excellent job selling my home. I had nothing to worry about, Jodi took care of everything!! Great job!!”

Donna Green – Northglenn, Colorado



“Jodi saw details that were beyond any knowledge I could expect from one person which ultimately saved me thousands of dollars on my dream home. I'd recommend Jodi be the only realtor anyone ever use.”

Paula Von Duyke – Woodland Park, Colorado



“Jodi has worked with various members of my family for years. It was only practical to use her in the sale of my home in Northglenn, not only because of her knowledge of the area but her success with our family. She, along with her husband Vince, made my home VERY saleable. I believe that the appearance of the home, along with this incredible market, made it po0ssible to sell the home very quickly. I can't imagine anyone having a better experience than we had with Jodi.”

Duane and Loleta Hahn – Northglenn, Colorado



"Jodi worked extremely hard to find the perfect home for me—and then she did the same for a good friend."

Sukey Rosenbaum – Lafayette, Colorado



"I wouldn't use any other person except Jodi for finding a house."

Kelly and Luanne Reed – Broomfield, Colorado



“I consider myself absolutely brilliant in having chosen Jodi Wilson to be my Realtor for my first home purchase here in Colorado. I strongly recommend her!! I had relocated from California where I had been in the escrow industry for over 30 years. I knew many Realtors out there but not many here in Colorado. I met Jodi months before I was ready to buy a home. However, I did not forget her. When I was ready to buy I called her. What impressed me the most was her clear headed thinking and VERY solid advice. She handled my inspection and the negotiations with my needs in mind and made me consider things that I did not. I felt she was looking out for my interests every step of the way. When I was unhappy with my lender, she put me in touch with her lender who was equally amazing! Since my new home needed a lot of work, she set me up with a handy man, electrician, air conditioning guy – everyone I’ve met through her has been top notch. In my opinion you cannot go wrong using Jodi Wilson.”

Ruby Neirinckx – Arvada, Colorado



"Jodi does more than sell! She calls and returns calls. She makes sure the seller and the buyer are comfortable with the process. She stays informed of current trends, issues and listings. Jodi always does more than the rest, because she is the best!"

Kim Giarratano – Arvada, Colorado



"Jodi was great. She listened to my needs and found me the perfect house."

Tanya O’Grady – Westminster, Colorado



"Jodi will work endlessly to find you your home, regardless of your situation. She is my realtor for any future buying or selling. I recommend her to everyone."

Russ and Lori Bridges – Aurora, Colorado



“We always wondered why you needed a real estate agent and what they did… enter Jodi Wilson. She is a master of her trade and made us understand what customer service should be. When we went out to look at houses with her she never looked at her phone. We had her undivided attention. On the other hand, if we ever called her/texted her/emailed her she would respond to us in a timely and prompt manner. Magic. We would ONLY work with Jodi in the future.”

William and Joy Kelley – Highlands Ranch, Colorado



"Jodi did an absolute wonderful job on finding us the EXACT home of our dreams."

Jim Chambers – Denver, Colorado



"I met Jodi when I asked her to come and tell us what she would do to get our home on the market and get it sold. Well after meeting with three other Realtor's we chose Jodi and we have never regretted making that decision. Jodi and her team were so amazing to work with and very professional. Jodi's quick at responding to your calls and your needs. We have never known anyone else to advertise as much as she does. She is there to get the word out that you have property to sell. Like I said, if you want a quick sale then I would highly recommend you to call Jodi and let her and her team do all the work for you. She is absolutely the best at her game.” 

Darrell and Mary Humphrey – Greeley, Colorado



"We used Jodi Wilson to purchase the home we currently live in and she did a fantastic job working with us. She was attentive to our needs and desires. She was always patient and objective. She took us to countless number of houses until we found the right one. We are so happy we had Jodi as our realtor."

Joseph and Alicia Chavez – Aurora, Colorado 



"We would be HAPPY to visit with any potential buyer or seller about our positive experiences with Jodi Wilson :-)"

Devin and Michele Renberger – Longmont, Colorado



“My daughter and I chose Jodi to be our realtor for her professional presentation during our first interview. We each had a house to sell and wanted to purchase another in another city. Jodi was able to navigate each of us through that process. From the time our houses went on the market to closings, the two month period was full of challenging people and situations. Jodi handled them all with expertise and assurance that she was definitely working for our best interests. She is like an iceberg; friendly and easy-going on the top but a dedicated hard worker on the bottom, often concealing the “dirty work” she does. My daughter and I would definitely use her again and recommend her to anyone needing an expert realtor.”

Jill Smith – Highlands Ranch, Colorado



"One day of house hunting and Jodi showed us exactly what we were looking for! Great job"

Donna Green – Northglenn, Colorado



"Jody has been involved in all our real estate transactions since 1997. She and her team always exceeded our expectations for success...I've even described her as, "a pit-bull on steroids" when it comes to nailing down the complex details of the purchase or sale of a home, even in challenging market conditions. Upon my last transaction, I informed her that she is now my "Realtor for Life" as long as we are in the Denver area. Thanks Jodi Wilson Team!"

Leonard Allen – Federal Heights, Colorado



"Jodi sold my house in Westminster in less than a week!"

Joe Ross – Sun City West, Arizona



"Working with Jodi was such a fun experience the 1st time, that when people tell me that buying a house is stressful, I know it doesn't have to be. Buying a house with Jodi was like shopping with a friend!"

Geoffrey and Breyanna King – Thornton, Colorado



"Jodi sold us our house 6 months ago, someday when we sell Jodi will be the only agent I'll contact. I like her work ethics"

Royce and Kim Roland – Thornton, Colorado



“Jodi is extremely knowledgeable about the real estate industry and real estate markets. It’s easy to tell from her vast and lengthy experience in the business that she is one of the best realtors anyone could hope to have working on their behalf whether they are selling a house, purchasing a house or doing both. She does an extremely thorough job of market analysis and there is no question that she is working with your best interests in mind. She is very detail oriented and comprehensive in her efforts to ensure that all aspects of the sales and/or purchase transaction are being handled in a timely and efficient manner with no surprises along the way. I could not have hand-picked anyone better than Jodi to work on my behalf with an absolute feeling of confidence and conviction that she is doing the best job possible. She comes with my highest recommendation. She’s simply the best!”

Mike and Diane Owings – Thornton, Colorado



“Jodi was very helpful with knowing what I wanted and how to get it. She was very patient with me while I was grieving a death and guided me very carefully through the process. She is a gem.”

Francin Sturgis – Arvada, Colorado



“You will NEVER find a realtor better than Jodi! We have sold a house with her twice (2013 and 2014) and both times she demonstrated her knowledge and ability from start to finish. I cannot say enough about Jodi’s professionalism, integrity, honesty and thoroughness. Jodi is incredibly responsive with both emails and phone calls and will never leave you with a question unanswered. Most of the time she’ll answer your question before you even knew you had it! She is very timely with her responses and ensures she answers your questions in great detail. I am the type that wants to know everything going on and Jodi always kept me apprised and explained things in the detail I needed and in terms that I would understand. She demonstrated her ability to sell (and sell quickly) and fight for my best interest during the contract negotiations. I walked away with far more than expected when selling my house because of Jodi’s understanding of the real estate industry and the value of my home. While serving as your best advocate, Jodi will be honest with her feedback of the property, the market and all aspects of the sale. Her knowledge of the local market is phenomenal and you always know she knows what she is talking about. I never once asked a question that Jodi couldn’t answer immediately, and I never once asked for something that Jodi wasn’t able to work out. She’s a gentle personality with strong sales and business acumen. Jodi goes above and beyond and will always take it the extra mile. I would refer ANYONE buying or selling a home to use Jodi.”

Jessica Copeland – Thornton, Colorado



“Jodi, is awesome. Found the houses I wanted to look at, where I wanted them. She was there throughout the process, helping me whenever I needed her, which was a lot.”

Donny Carelli – Arvada, Colorado



“Jodi sold our house that we had been trying to sell for several years. Her expertise was vital in assisting us through this process. She always kept us informed and her experience was evident during all aspects of the contracts, negotiations, and closing. I highly recommend her and her team. Thanks Jodi.”

Keith and Jill Priest – Lakewood, Colorado



Jodi Wilson
Jodi Wilson
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